C. A. Child Neuropsychiatry

REP Reseau Enfant et Psychanalyse

Clinical Training of the Lacanian Field

Consultation Centre for Children

Via Arenula 53

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Complementary Activity of Child Neuropsychiatry*

This complementary activity forms part of the functioning of the Psychoanalytic Consultation Centre of the College of Psychoanalytic Clinic, providing a service of consultation and therapy of Child Neuropsychiatry, that guaranties the reception and treatment of demands from parents, children and young people who present developmental difficulties.

The difficulties treated are:

Delays and difficulties in language development

Developmental Delays

Learning difficulties




Attention and behavioral difficulties

* The admission into the service begins with the specialist consultation made with the Child Neuropsychiatrist, who defines in collaboration with: the neuro-psycho-motor-of-the developmental-age’s therapist and with the clinicians involved in the Childhood and Psychoanalysis Network, in agreement with parents, the best direction of the treatment in each case.

 Responsible: Gustavo Restivo
Praxis–FCL in Italia, New Zealand Forum